The Priceless Ministry of YWAM Perth

My fight is freedom—freedom for the individual, for the victim of human trafficking, and for the prostitute.

Thankfully, I’m not the only person who’s passionate about freedom.  I am so fortunate to work with an amazing group of individuals who are dedicated to fighting human trafficking in Australia and around the world.

The Priceless Ministry

God is justice, therefore we seek to represent this by working toward the prevention, release and care of those enslaved- both locally and internationally, knowing God is the ONE who FULLY rescues and restores.

Priceless Ministry mission statement

Priceless is a ministry of Youth With A Mission in Perth, Australia. Priceless works to help victims of human trafficking and minister to those working in the sex trade. They accomplish this through 5 objectives—prevention, advocacy, research and investigation, networking, and direct care.

1. Prevention

Priceless works to increase awareness of human trafficking by educating those at-risk, increasing public knowledge, and equipping communities with strategies to prevent modern slavery.

2. Advocacy

Priceless acts as a bridge between the exploited and those in a position to bring change. Our society should no longer be unaware of the issues of modern slavery and prostitution.

3. Research and Investigation

Priceless seeks to increase its knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding human trafficking and prostitution and use that knowledge as a catalyst for change.

4.  Networking

Priceless recognizes the many individuals and organizations doing valuable work in the area of anti-trafficking and seeks to contribute to projects and initiatives benefitting the enslaved.

5. Direct Care

Priceless desires that every victim of injustice would find freedom, restoration, and a relationship with God. They walk alongside those exiting slavery and prostitution by offering counseling, training, and practical care.

The Priceless DTS

Last July, I attended the Priceless DTS in Perth. For 3 months, I learned about human trafficking and prostitution from the Priceless Ministry and accompanied the ministry on a few outreaches in the city of Perth. For the next 3 months, I traveled in Nepal, India, and Thailand, educated people about human trafficking, and worked directly with those affected by modern slavery.

This July, I’m returning to Perth to staff this year’s Priceless DTS. As a staff member, I’ll be living, learning, and working with the students, discipling them and helping them grow in their relationship with God. For 3 months, I will co-lead an outreach team in a yet-to-be-decided location, educating individuals and communities about human trafficking.

Working With Priceless

When I return from outreach, I will begin working with the Priceless Ministry. As Priceless staff, I will work with those involved in the international, Western Australian, and Perth sex trades, minors in a local detention center, and street youth. I will help educate individuals and communities by performing surveys in sex districts, and offering teaching and trainings. I will increase my personal knowledge of human trafficking and prostitution by doing research and networking with experienced contacts. I will seek God’s heart for the exploited through intercession, worship, evangelism, and prayer mapping.

As a member of the Priceless Ministry, I’ll be living and working in Perth, Australia for the next 2 years. Priceless is a ministry of Youth With A Mission, and all YWAM staff are required to raise their own financial support. If you believe in the mission of the Priceless Ministry as much as I do, there are many ways you can support me.

My Fight for Better

The Priceless Ministry is a group of amazing people who are committed to transforming lives and I’m so excited to join them. If you’d like to stay updated on my work with Priceless, sign up for my email newsletter. You should probably do that right now, because you’re not gonna want to miss a second of my fight for better!

Do you have a question about the Priceless Ministry? Want to know more about YWAM? Have your own fight to share? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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Bryanna Lindberg

Today, billions of people are living in slavery. Some are trapped in physical slavery—sold as prostitutes, laborers, or soldiers. Others are trapped in psychological slavery—controlled by ignorance, fear, or pride. Too many are trapped in spiritual slavery—trying to please a god who demands nothing less than perfection. As Christians, we've been set free from the law of sin and death, but how many of us are living free? Pursuing freedom is a fight, but the victory means living a better calling, telling a better story, and leaving a better testimony. Will you join me in the fight for better?

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